Flower Painted Nails

Services & Pricing

♥ Regular manicures and pedicures keep nails looking shiny, well-trimmed, and healthy. This not only looks great, but also gives you a little confidence boost, especially if people often see your hands while you work.

♥ The massage portion of your manicures and pedicures not only help you relax but is a great benefit for the health of your hands and feet. Massage promotes blood circulation, which improves oxygen delivery and can even help relieve pain.

Professional Manicure


♥ Professional manicures include exfoliating treatments that get rid of the dead skin cells and stimulate regeneration. This helps keep your hands looking younger and makes them soft to the touch.



♥ Professional pedicures keep the areas clear of fungus and can even help heal infections that are already developing.

Eyebrow Threading


♥ Benefit aestheticians are not only skilled, but speedy when it comes to waxing areas below the brows. Forget about razor burn and messy at-home kits, a tidy Benefit wax will keep you lookin' and feelin' smooth!


Acrylic & Dipping

♥ Acrylic extensions are suitable for women with brittle and weak nails. Good for women, who have a bad habit of chewing their nails as they are very hard to chew off.

♥ Dip Powder allows you the flexibility of being able to grow out your thin, brittle nails , still protect them, and have them look amazing. This Dip Powder is formulated without harsh chemicals, has added vitamins to help strengthen your nails, and won’t damage the nail bed.